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Map of Rome, Italy. Here you can find the street map of Rome.


Rome is a city located in the European country of Italy. It holds the honor of being the capital and the most populated city of the country boasting an estimated population of about 2.8 million people. This city has a rich historical background which dates back to the last years of the Dark Ages. The city has remained an important venue throughout its history and has had the honor of being the capital of several kingdoms and states of the past.

Rome is now a centre of business and the home to a number of national and international companies belonging to various sectors. Since it is the capital too, all the important offices of the state are located here as well. The city is most famous for having a whole city located entirely within its boundaries, the Vatican Enclave.

The most rapidly growing sector of Rome that has had a very positive effect on its economy and has been its driving force for the past many years is tourism. The presence of iconic structures like the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum has made Rome one of the preferred visiting locations of tourists. In addition to these architectural master pieces, there are a number of other scenic parks, statues and catacombs located at various locations throughout the city that add to its appeal as a tourist destination.

Rome is known for its cuisine and wealth of cinemas too which are another reason why tourists flock to this city in huge numbers every year. Sporting events are another notable feature of the city with football being the most loved sport of the locals.

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