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Map of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Here you can find the street map of Rotterdam.


Rotterdam is a city located in the European country of Netherlands. Considered to be among the world’s largest ports, this city which began as a dam on the Rotte River is now a major financial hub of the country. This city has an estimated population of about 620,000 people making it the second most populated city of the Netherlands after the capital Amsterdam.

Rotterdam occupies a very important geographical location on the North Sea. Situated in the centre of a very busy and strategically important transportation route, Rotterdam is like a gateway that leads to the other countries of Europe. Because of holding this key position, the port of Rotterdam sees action all throughout the year making it one of Europe’s and the world’s busiest ports.

Rotterdam is a city full of life that has entered in to a phase of redevelopment with many new buildings and high rises being constructed to beautify the skyline of the city. Celebration of summer festivals is the norm nowadays in Rotterdam that has been punctuated with a very vibrant nightlife. The rich cultural history and background of the city are ably represented by the number of museums that are located in the city.

Rotterdam is known for its sporting events as well. Almost every sport in the world has a following in the city with Football being the most loved game. The city has a very robust transportation system in place too that helps the commuters in moving from one location to the other in a relatively quick time.

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