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Map of Salvador, Brazil. Here you can find the street map of Salvador.

Sensational Salvador

Salvador which basically means “Holy Savior of All Saints” is Brazil’s third largest city and has somewhat of a tropical climate. There’s always something to do or see in this city where nature lovers, beach goers or night club enthusiasts are all catered to in the best way possible.  In spite of the city itself being a busy and a noisy hub of activity, visitors will be surprised at the beauty of its countryside with its natural forests, and Salvador’s National Zoo. Don’t miss the reptile section where you will be able to see some of the world’s largest snakes including anacondas that can be safely viewed from a safe position.

If you’re preference however is for the beach, its best to visit the Port de Barra with its silver sands, frothy surf and setting sun where you can stretch out and enjoy the breeze or sip a beer that can be bought from one of the many little bars along the coast. Relaxing is also best done at the Salvador Iberapuera Park which is also known as the “lung of Sao Paulo” in view of its natural greenery. This is definitely a local hot spot where people gather for concerts or simply to jog, bike or hang out with friends.

Kids no doubt will enjoy martial arts which is very popular in Salvador and has its own variants which is a combination of fighting to dance music. Another specialty of Salvador is its horse breeding where enthusiasts can visit stud farms to see amazing stallions that are in high demand the world over for breeding purposes.

Salvador has some of the best restaurants in Brazil where you can taste a variety of South American cuisine that must be tried to be believed. It will definitely be a culinary experience you’re not likely to forget in a hurry. There’s no lack of night life in the city either with a mix of bars, dance venues and cafes providing live music that will keep you going on till the break of dawn.

Most visitors also consider Salvador a shopper’s paradise where bargain hunting is the name of the game. You will be able to buy anything from clothes to handicrafts and pottery at reasonable prices making your shopping experience truly worth the effort.

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