San Francisco

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San Francisco where life never comes to a standstill

It is fun all the way in this astoundingly beautiful city in California which is reason enough for the millions of people who visit San Francisco right throughout the year.  If yours is a short visit, you will be faced with the dilemma of deciding which attractions to visit because there’s so many of them to take your breath away. There however are a few must visit places without which no visitor can claim that he visited this amazing place and the first of these undoubtedly is the Gold Gate Bridge.

Considered   one of the world’s longest span bridges, the Golden Gate is a symbol of pride for the people of San Francisco and probably one of the most photographed national icons anywhere. Among various other architectural wonders that fill the skyline of the city are many buildings and structures that are a combination of modern and Victorian design that must be visited by those who appreciate marvels in construction.

Although not on the same level but popular nevertheless is the infamous prison Alcatraz which has been the subject of many a Hollywood movie. Visitors interested in history will be enthralled with accounts of daring prison escapes carried out by notorious criminals held captive on this island for a long time. Another popular attraction is the Fisherman’s Wharf ideal to spend some leisure time. You can take a boat ride or watch the antics of sea lions while feasting on delicious fresh crabs or indulge in a bit of shopping looking for souvenirs to take home.

Being a city that boasts a diverse culture, there are some famous museums displaying modern art that focuses on the 20th century. Visitors interested in contemporary works should not miss a visit here and admire the works of great artists such as Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse and Ansel Adams among others. If you’ve see all these but want more, take a wine tasting tour or participate in a cultural event or  musical concert and you’re sure to leave San Francisco with a firm determination to come back again.

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