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San Jose a Nature Lovers Paradise

Surrounded by magnificent mountains and lush green valleys, San Jose has a relatively warm climate making it a pleasant alternative to most other cities with cold temperatures. Located in the highlands of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, It is also the first city incorporated in the state of California once it was annexed from Mexico way back in 1846.

Nature lovers have much to look forward to in this city where botanical gardens and theme parks situated just outside the visit provide all the entertainment and relaxation a visitor usually looks for. Old style museums   offer a glimpse to the colorful past of San Jose while historic buildings that are of architectural importance   can be viewed to the north of the city in an area known as Barrio Amon.  Historians will also find the Museo Oro Precolombino or Gold Museum a place of great attraction with its display of 1,600 gold artifacts that dates back to 500AD.

Visitors to San Jose must make it a point to visit   Poas Volcano an active volcano where the rim of the crater is surrounded by thick forests offering plenty of excitement to those who make the journey. If   bugs are your forte however, don’t miss the Insect Museum located within the Universidad de Costa Rica where an extensive collection of various types of bugs can be seen in all their glory.

There’s anything and everything made available in San Jose for the discerning traveler who wishes to sample its nightlife where a number of clubs, bars and restaurants line its picturesque cobbled streets. There are also venues where regular cultural concerts and musical presentations are made   to provide an insight into both the old and modern lifestyles of the people living in San Jose.  For visitors looking for something unique to San Jose, don’t miss their local coffee which is served in typical Costa Rican style in most   wayside restaurants and cafes that line the streets.

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