San Juan

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Map of San Juan, Philippines. Here you can find the street map of San Juan.

San Juan founded by Christopher Columbus

Being the capital, the largest city and the main seaport in Puerto Rico, San Juan is also an important financial hub not to mention the country’s cultural center as well as its manufacturing capital.  It has a history replete with the story of how Christopher Columbus founded the country and named it after the revered Saint John the Baptist.

The main city of San Juan is divided into old and new regions with the old area which was founded in 1521 being declared a National Historic Zone.  This is definitely an area where tourists interested in history should visit if they wish to see some magnificent buildings constructed during the sixteenth and seventeenth century.  A walk down its old but well preserved roads will bring you across various museums, art galleries and shopping arcades while special mention should be made about two prominent museums “the Museum of Colonial Architecture and the Museum of the Puerto Rican Family.

Visitors interested in rare collections of books and manuscripts will find the Casa Del Libro a fascinating place to explore in San Juan.  Among other historical places of significance is El Morro, a sixteenth century Spanish fortress, a beautifully laid out area known as the Plaza de San Jose with a selection of quaint cafes and museums and also the Fort of San Cristobi built in 1771.

Giving an entirely different look to the landscape is the world renowned boardwalk known as the Paseo de La Princesa which stretches for around a quarter mile and is full of live entertainment, interesting looking food carts and street vendors. This area which is lined by the sea offers a stunning view of the ocean which never fails to impress a new comer to San Juan.  This walled area will also offer the visitor an eclectic shopping experience second to none while the multitude of restaurants and bars in the area means you will never be left hungry at any time of the day or night.

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