Satellite Maps

Definition of a satellite map and a list of some popular satellite maps

People who love to travel like seeing map too. Kids also like to know about new places. A map can help anyone to know the road and a detailed map can help to know more about a place. You can know the length of a place, you can know if there is any river, and the length of the river. A map will also show you some interesting places of a country. In the past, the phrase “map” was defined as a drawn structure of a country road and other places on papers. Nowadays with the touch of technology, we can see digital maps. Digital maps are those maps that we can see with the help of a computer. A digital map can be a digital format of a traditional map or it can be a satellite map.

What is a satellite map?

When an artificial satellite takes pictures of any place around the earth and gives the picture a shape to understand the roads and other places easily while looking over it then the taken picture is called a satellite map. Satellite map is a combination of several pictures taken by an artificial satellite. Scientists give commands to the artificial satellite and then the satellite takes pictures. After taking pictures, it sends pictures to the expert people who combine all pictures and give a 360-degree shape to make a satellite map.

How do I use a satellite map?

The most commonly used satellite map is Google maps. You can use the Google map to see the highway road of almost every country around the world and Google maps worked better in some countries to show every single place. The quality of the map of a country depends on the work of Google Inc for that country. Sometimes places that have much traffic, buildings and people, do not support the artificial satellite to take a picture. Steps to view Google satellite map are given below.

  • Open your favorite internet browser (Google Chrome or the latest version of Firefox with an adobe flash player plugin are preferred)
  • Go to Google’s official site to search anything
  • At the top, you will see an option “Maps”
  • Click on “Maps”
  • Now you can see map of any place around the sweet earth!

Is there any alternative to Google map?

Yes, there are many alternative to Google maps.

  • Bing map: Bing map is designed, structured and controlled by Microsoft Corporation.
  • Nokia Map: Nokia is one of the top mobile manufacturers. They have created one map to use in Nokia mobile devices.
  • MapQuest: MapQuest is another popular satellite map.

There are more other companies who are providing satellite maps sometimes free and sometimes through a paid subscription. You can enjoy satellite map in your mobile device too. Nowadays, Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices. There are many satellite maps for android-based mobile devices. You can install those maps, connect your device to the internet, and then enjoy watching the entire world.

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