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Map of Shanghai, China. Here you can find the street map of Shanghai.

Shanghai,  a Modern Metropolis with a Chinese Heritage

Shanghai although a modern metropolis today, has a rich Chinese culture which is evidenced by the many traditional type of architecture mingling with modern skyscrapers and western style buildings. This is a city not only famous for its commercial ties with the rest of the world, it is since of late emerging as a tourist destination that has much to offer in the way of its cultural heritage, beautifully landscaped gardens and the amazing shopping experience it offers.

No visitor can avoid the Shanghai Bund which nestles along the Huangpu River and a popular promenade where people gather to chill out and meet with friends. It also offers spectacular views of the Shanghai cityscape which is unbelievably beautiful especially at night.  Unique to Shanghai is its architecture which is a mixture of the Baroque, Gothic and Roman designs that somehow blends easily with the traditional styles of the east.

Something else you just cannot miss is the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower which is an interesting looking piece of architecture at its best and is also the third tallest tower in the world. This perhaps is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city while also being famous for the exhibitions held and the entertainment offered not to mention it as being the foremost sightseeing spot in the city.

A visit to shanghai can never be complete without a look at the stunningly landscaped Yuyuan Garden which was initially built during the Ming dynasty.  It’s a museum and a garden rolled into one and here you will be able to see some very ancient artifacts including silver coins and ancient weapons all of which offers a great insight into the Chinese history and its culture and people of the days gone by.

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