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Singapore a City that is Picture Book Perfect

 Who hasn’t heard of Singapore which is one of the most developed countries in Asia and comparable to any modern city in the world? But it does have very strictly rules which the people are expected to follow and obey or woe be unto them. In spite of its modern outlook, it does have some archaic punishments such as caning tourists who overstay their visa or even be at risk of being jailed if an internet connection is obtained without a proper permit.

Perhaps it’s this strict discipline that has made this city what it is today where you will need a magnifying glass   to look for dirty and clutter   because cleanliness is of the utmost importance to Singapore’s city fathers.  What hits any newcomer to this fascinating metropolis is how systematically it has been planned with paved roads, well laid out gardens and walkways with never a stone or tree out place in a city that seems to have been planned with geometric precision.

What’s even more impressive about Singapore is the man made gardens that can be found in the Bay Park Gardens.  It says much about this country that even tress   around 50 meters high are made   out of concrete and steel rods,  in keeping with proper standards and precise dimensions  while solar panels are installed right at the top to collect rain water for the purpose of maintaining the imposing hanging gardens created there.

For a glimpse of the old and authentic Singapore a visit must be paid to Chinatown where the true culture of the city can be experienced. It has 15 exhibition galleries that must be toured if any tourist wants to gain an insight into the lifestyle of its early settlers during the 19th and 20th century.  This part of the city is indeed an eye opener to a visitor where beautifully restored old homes and shops are in complete contrast to the glass and steel structures and modern skyscrapers that Singapore is today famous for.

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