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Map of Stockholm, Sweden. Here you can find the street map of Stockholm.

Stockholm, a modern city with an old past

Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden has only six hours of daylight in winter and it is therefore recommended that you book your vacation during the summer. This is a city that has been built on 14 islands within the archipelago of Stockholm, and located at the mouth of Lake Malaren. Although the present day city is extremely modern and technologically advanced, there still are many areas in this beautiful city that retains its historic past.  Many old building still remain pristinely beautiful, and a visitor will be quick to notice the different styles of European architecture used in their construction.

What’s unique to Stockholm is that while all modern buildings are painted in grey or off white, the seventeenth century structures are in red and the eighteenth century buildings painted in yellow which makes the city a colorful palate to counter the gloomy winters.  Having such a historic background also means that the city of Stockholm has its share of museums which are more than hundred in number while art lovers would no doubt want to spend all their time staring at the beautiful paintings some of which are Rembrandts.  Modern art too has its place in these museums with paintings of  Picasso and Salvador Dali also given their due places of honor.

Let’s not forget that Stockholm is ruled by royalty and has been so since the crowning of Sweden’s very first king in 1523. The palace in which the present royal family lives, the Baroque Drottninghold should be included in your places of must visit attractions with its stunning and opulent interiors and beautifully laid out gardens.

Try also to cram a visit to Gamla Stan which is the cultural heart of Stockholm and still retains its cobbled streets that wind their way through many places of historic and architectural interest including the Stockholm Cathedral and the very famous Nobel Museum.

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