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The Benefits and Advantages of Using Street View

Finding your way in a city that is new to you would have been considered a very difficult task in the past. You would have gone lost in the alien streets not knowing which street will lead you to your target destination. However, this is not the case nowadays. Advancements in the field of mapping, satellite imagery and photography have all but solved this age old problem. The availability of many mapping services that offer you the chance to see street views of many cities around the world have ensured that getting lost in a new city is now a thing of the past.

Mapping Services that Offer Street Views

Among the mapping services that have the ability to provide street views, the following ones are the most notable.

  • Google Maps

With Google Maps you can see high quality images of streets with ease. The street view option provided by Google Maps is very dynamic and lets you see live photos of streets located even in remotely placed areas like Antarctica.


  • Bing Maps

The street view option offered by Bing Maps is great for seeing detailed and high quality photos of streets in a city. These photos provide a 360 degree of every street so that you can get to know about the landmarks and shops present in that street.


  • MapQuest

Street Views that are offered to the users by MapQuest are very comprehensive and rich in detail. These panoramic views let you see each and everything there is to see in the street you want to know about.

Advantages of Using Street View of Google Maps

The following advantages can be availed by viewing the street images provided by Google Maps.

  • You can use the zoom option offered by the street view feature of Google Maps to find even the minute details of the street you are viewing.
  • You will be able to view the businesses that are located in the street quite easily through the use of this option of Google Maps.

Benefits of Using Street View of Bing Maps

You can expect to gain the following benefits if you view the street side images that Bing Maps have to offer to you.

  • You will get the chance to see beautiful scenic photos of the street while using the street view option of Bing Maps that are brought to you thanks to Photosynth.
  • You are going to be able to see the government buildings as well as the shops present in the street with the street side viewing option offered to you by Bing Maps.

Plus Points of Using Street View of MapQuest

The street viewing option of MapQuest has the following plus points if you choose to use it for finding your way around the streets of a city.

  • You will get the chance to see unique 360 degree views of any address located within the United States.
  • The street view feature of MapQuest is not as accurate as that of Google but is far less complicated and easy to use for the average computer user.

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