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Modern Sydney and its infamous History

When you talk of Sydney, the first thing that pops in to mind is its absolutely stunning Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. The City of Sydney has a colorful past since it was here that the English ships with loads of criminals and convicts landed in 1788. Since then,   more and more convicts were sent here during the 18th and 19th century with the last convoy arriving in Sydney cove in 1868.  Things began to change however in the 19th century when the gold rush created further interest in Australia with people from all over the world arriving in their thousands to seek their fortunes and eventually settle down in Sydney.

Today however with much renovation and restoration work being carried out, Sydney is not only a commercial hub but also a popular tourist destination with visitors wanting to see the exquisite Opera House and the Royal Botanical Gardens situated nearby.  A popular story narrated by the locals is about Mrs. Macquarie, the wife of a one time Governor who is believed to have spent all her time sitting in the Royal Gardens watching the arrival of ships from England to the Sydney harbor.  The chair in which she sat has been carved into the sandstone in 1810 and is today considered a must visit attraction by most tourists.

Apart from the above attractions, there are many other places of interest to be visited in Sydney with lovers of sea, sand and surf making a beeline to the famous Bondi beach to take a dip in its aquamarine waters while experiencing its unforgettable ambience. Historian should take a peak at the Museum of Modern Art which is located near Circular Quay and displays some very interesting paintings done by Australians.

Behind the museum you will come across the Rocks precinct, which is where the very first Australian settlement was established way back in 1788.  A visitor to this area will be charmed by the number of art galleries, cafes and restaurants found and where fine dining is taken to an entirely different level of grace and elegance.

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