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Map of Taipei, Taiwan (China Roc). Here you can find the street map of Taipei.

Tantalizing Taipei

Taipei the capital of Taiwan is a fascinating oriental city located in the northern tip of the island with various historic building and modern skyscrapers jostling together to vie for attention. A city of many contrasts and a fusion of folk cultures interspersed with modern lifestyles provide an intriguing glimpse to a city which today is also known for its financial and commercial superiority.

Taipei has many well known landmarks that include the National Sun Yet Sen Memorial hall and the National Chiang Kai Sheik Memorial Hall which are places you should visit to understand the culture of this unique city that has been in no mean way influenced by the West.  This is well evidenced when you take a look at Taipei 101 which is the tallest building in the world today and a skyscraper of note as a prominent landmark.  Most visitors to the city enjoy a walk in any one of its beautiful parks that showcase the natural beauty of the country where   flora and fauna are in abundance providing a palate of colors to an otherwise modern concrete and glass city.

Taipei is also fast becoming a city where festival such as the Chinese New Year and even Christmas is celebrated in a big way because the people living here is very fond of celebrating any and all festivals with the most amount of pomp and glory possible.  Other festivals that are celebrated with much enthusiasm and bring in visitors by the thousands are the colorful Dragon Boat Festival, the Lantern Festival and a mid autumn Fiesta where tourists and locals’ alike get together to have fun and enjoy the entertainment put out for their benefit.

Shopping in Taipei is also a not to be missed experience where night markets abound with bargaining for what you like being considered the done thing. There is also quite a bit of nightlife for those looking for something different while the many cafes and restaurants found on the streets will provide you a snack or complete meal in keeping with your tastes and   budget.

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