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Map of Tampa (Fl), United States. Here you can find the street map of Tampa (Fl).

Tampa Bay with its amazing Waterfront residences

Tampa is a beautiful city located in the coast of Florida and is now a part of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. This is a very popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of people every year not only for its shimmering crystal waters but also for its natural beauty with scenic landscapes, parks and aquariums not to mention its salubrious climate making it the perfect place for a family vacation.

Most visitors to Tampa make use of one of the innumerable cruises offered here to view the picturesque skyline of the city which in the night time glows in a myriad of colors in all its beauty. A day trip will allow visitors to see the fabulous waterfront residences of the rich and influential as well as various historic locations that the cruise will take you past.

Families with children should make it a point to take their kids to the Lowry Park Zoo which has more than 1500 animals from countries across the globe including Africa and Asia.  A visit here will also enable one to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience that can also include some shopping, all of which is provided for in this 56 acre zoo. The famous Florida Aquarium is another not to be missed venue because it’s not just another aquarium but consists of a botanical garden with more than twenty thousand different plants and flowers in it.

Tampa Bay has it all with amazing theme parks, beautiful gardens and wild life that has something for the enjoyment and entertainment of each and every person visiting there no matter what their tastes. Dining, shopping and nightlife are also well catered for in this busy metropolitan city and a visit here will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

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