Tel Aviv

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Map of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Here you can find the street map of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Tel Aviv

Escape the intensity of the rest of Israel and enjoy a peaceful vacation in Tel Aviv which is the second largest city in the country.  It has some of the best beaches on the Mediterranean and a vacation here will make you want to live here forever and enjoy its unique history and culture.  Historic it might be, but its also one of the liveliest cities in the world that has a nightlife equal or better than most other hot spots with some great clubs, excellent gourmet restaurants and smoky bars that have an atmosphere of their own.

No matter how modern the city is, Tel Aviv has much to offer in the way of museums and galleries that relate the Jewish story in the simplest way possible through a fine collection of art.  Thos who wish to enjoy the fun side of Tel Aviv does not have to look far towards a couple of water parks that offer a plethora of thrilling and nerve wracking rides for the entertainment of both kids and adults.

It will be hard for lovers of the surf and sand to move away from Tel Aviv’s gorgeous beaches with their clear aquamarine water which is good enough to swim at any time of the day or night.  A lazy day spent on the beach will also enable a visitor to sample a variety of delicious food that can be bought from any one of the food courts that are located on the beach front.  You can finish your perfect day by lolling in the sand while watching the stunning colors of the setting sun.

It is also worthwhile keeping in mind that Tel Aviv is famous for its street shopping. If   you have money to throw away, splurge on some designer stuff or cheap but trendy attire from any of the shops found on the streets of the city of Tel Aviv.

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