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Map of Torino, Italy. Here you can find the street map of Torino.

Torino the Magical Italian City

Torino was found in 26BC by the Romans and is today the fourth largest city in Italy. It still retains its illustrious past with world class museums, elegant squares and tree lined avenue flanked by colonnaded walkways that can charm the soul of any resident or visitor.  When you think of Torino or Turin as it is called by many, it is easy to think of Fiat cars which made it   the Italian Motor City and supermarkets all of which were pioneered in this great city.  Today, Torino is also knows as the Capital of the Alps and many may recall that the Winter Olympics of 2006 were held here.

Another attraction in Torino is its cathedral which is home to the controversial Holy Shroud which nevertheless attracts millions of catholic pilgrims whenever it is unveiled. Although you can still come across an odd ruin or two in this enchanting city, what brings people here most are the low lying hills that rise above River Po where it is possible to   relax in cool and serene surroundings.  Torino, fortunately is not as crowded as many other popular Italian cities, making it the perfect vacation spot for those who want to spend some leisure time strolling along its cobbled streets while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and watching the world go by.

Those who wish to see more of Torino should take a walk along the Po River to Castello del Valentino which is a mock chateau built in the seventeenth century. Visitors interested in the history of cinema should pay a visit to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema which will take them on a cinematic journey of memorabilia including clothes worn by Marilyn Monroe and Peter O’ Toole.

If you don’t suffer from vertigo, get yourself whisked up the Mole Antonelliana Tower made of glass and suspended by cables.  It will provide you with an unforgettable yet dizzying experience of floating in space. The view however will be memorable whether you see it in the day time or night.

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