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Map of Toronto, Canada. Here you can find the street map of Toronto.

Toronto with its many tourist Attractions

Toronto is not only the main financial hub of Canada and the third largest in North America; it is also home to one of the tallest buildings in the world while being the tallest until 2008 when the Bur Dubai was built.  Visitors to the city can take a ride in a glass elevator to the observation deck and see the amazing panorama of the city spread under their feet.  If you don’t mind dizzying heights, take your ride further to the Sky pod from where it’s possible to see the magnificent Niagara Falls located about one hundred miles away.

Although many visitors tend to think of Toronto as a concrete jungle, this is not so which you can find for yourself by paying a visit to the Bloor Street viaduct which is a walkway built for pedestrians. The view from this point is spectacular and different from that of the Tower where its possible to see lush greet forests, plants and lots of flora with hardly a skyscraper to be seen anywhere.

Kids and outdoor activists will have much to see and do in Toronto where the African Lion Safari in its natural setting allows animals to roam in a familiar environment. Those looking for more energetic sports will not be disappointed with the city offering canoe, and paddle boats for rent to tour the islands. Water sports enthusiasts will have much to keep them occupied with plenty of opportunities to ski or skate while land lubbers can play golf or take a hike or bike along the many trails sets aside for this purposes.

Just like in any other major city, there’s no lack of shopping in Toronto. If its designer stuff you’re interested in, visit the Midtown area famous for its upscale boutiques and fine dining restaurants.  Other areas that offer a great shopping experience is the Eaton Centre and Chinatown where you will be able to buy whatever you want at very reasonable prices.

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