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Map of Warsaw, Poland. Here you can find the street map of Warsaw.

Warsaw the Capital of Poland which literally arose from the Ashes

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and also its capital often called the “Phoenix City” due to it rising from the ashes. This is a city that was a completely ruined during the Second World War with around 800,000 of its people killed.  It has since been rebuilt in the most amazing way and plays an important role in the economy of Europe. The best seasons to visit the Warsaw are spring autumn when it’s possible to see the city in all its glory with the sun shining endlessly and flowers blooming to make the city a kaleidoscope of color.

In spite of the horrific war-time damage, Warsaw retains some of its greatest treasures by way of their magnificent monuments. A visit to the Lazienki Palace which in itself is a treasure and the royal Castle with its permanent collection of statues and important artifacts will help a visitor to understand the history of Warsaw and what the world would have been able to enjoy if not for the vagaries of war.

Warsaw is also famous for its many festivals with thousands of tourists visiting the city for its film festival, Summer Jazz festival and the festival known as Noc Muzeow which means “Long Night of Museums” This is the time for people to roam freely and browse through the many museums and galleries that are open all night to sit and chat with friends while snacking on delicious kebabs and sipping ice cold drinks.  Kebabs are a favorite of the locals and tourists alike and can be ordered from almost any wayside café in a Warsaw street.

Another place worth exploring in Warsaw is the Palace of Culture and Science which dominates the city skyline and has in its ground floor the popular Congress Hall.   Being the center of culture in Poland, Warsaw also has a large number of cinemas and theatres offering world class performances for the entertainment of its residents and visitors alike.

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