Washington DC

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Washington DC a City that has so much to offer its visitors


The City of Washington which is the capital of the United Stated is located on the Potomac River between Virginia and Maryland. Surprisingly enough, tourism is the main stay of this city with most of the top business organizations and educational institutions having their headquarters based here.  Among famous centers of education housed in Washington DC are the Howard University and the Georgetown University.

There’s much to see in Washington which cannot be covered in one trip. The main attractions that should not be missed however include the Smithsonian Institution which is a must see no matter how busy your schedule is.  The National treasures housed in this building cover everything from art to space and if possible, try to make some time to see the Natural History Museum or the National Air and Space Museum which will be well worth the time spent.

No visit to Washington DC will be complete without a visit to the White House, the US Capitol Building and the Supreme Court where you will get to understand at least a little bit of the powers and responsibilities held by the democratic government of the USA.   In the midst of your hectic schedule pay a visit to Georgetown which is the city’s historic waterfront and a shopper’s paradise today.  You can opt for a tour of the historic sites found here or stop for meal at any one of the restaurants that line the streets offering authentic dishes from most parts of the world.

Take a break from the busy city life to stroll on the C & O Canal with its innumerable bike trails, walkways or simply enjoy its breathtaking scenery.  A wonderful way to spend quality time with your family is to take a picnic to the 800 acre park at Potomac River which is just 14 miles away from Washington City.  Visitors here will get the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, rock climbing or cycling; whatever makes you feel most energetic and alive.

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