Wikimapia – What it is all about

Wikimapia is an open for all mapping service that allows you to add the information about any location in the world. It is a project launched to create a detailed and comprehensive database of every minute place on the face of this Earth. Envisioned and launched by two Russians in 2006, this open content mapping service allows users to add information about their locations in to the service using simple graphical tools like lines and shapes.

How to Add a Location on Wikimapia

Adding a location on Wikimapia is not a very difficult task. You just have to follow a few steps and you will be able to accomplish this task with consummate ease.

  • Click the “Add New Place” tab present on the Menu Bar of the Wikimapia website.
  • Select a suitable shape and size for your place on the map and hit save.
  • Fill out all the information that is being asked of you about the place you want to add in the box that appears next.
  • After filling all the information hit save.
  • Once others have evaluated and confirmed the information you supplied, your place will be added to the database and will become visible to all.

How to Edit a Location on Wikimapia

Editing a location of Wikimapia is slightly tricky than adding a location. You have to be a registered user in order to edit a place on the map that has been added by someone else.

  • Click the “Edit” tab present on the left of the location you want to edit.
  • Now click the button prompting you to edit the information on the page.
  • Start making the changes you want starting from the title and then moving to other sections like description, Wikipedia and category.
  • Make sure that you hit save after making the necessary changes.

Advantages of Using Wikimapia

Wikimapia has a number of advantages to offer to you. The following are some of the noteworthy benefits that can be gained from this service.

  • Wikimapia allows you to find the location of a place in the most accurate manner. Since the locations are all added by people who live at the place, there is no doubting the accuracy of the location of that place.
  • By getting the travelling directions from Wikimapia, you can easily go to any place in the world. You would not have to rely on the word of others to reach a destination.
  • You can get to know about many places of the world that you have not visited by seeing the information available on the Wikimapia website. This way, without even visiting the place, you can get to know all the important information about it.
  • The information available on this website can also help you in learning a lot about your own city. You can get to know about the places, shops and buildings in your city that have not yet been seen by you.
  • By using the information available on this website, you can enhance your knowledge about the world as well.

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