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World Map – an Overview

Maps are a great way to understand the geographical locations and the routes that lead to them. Whether you want to know the correct location of a place or you want to get an idea about neighboring places around you, a map remains an ideal choice.

History of World Maps

The concept of the map of the world has been around for a long time but the idea became a reality when the first world map came into existence in the Age of Discovery as many sailors started their journeys to discover new lands. However, as science progressed and the idea of space satellites became a reality, sketching and producing maps of the world didn’t remain such a hard task overall.

With satellite imagery, it has become a lot easier to specify the boundaries of each country and define clear points where water meets land. However, the world map these days doesn’t only help you in knowing the exact location of the country and the rivers and oceans. An online map of the world can actually prove to be your own tour guide helping you know the routes for inter-city and inter-country travelling.

Online World Maps

Before the internet era, maps of the world were usually found only in the Atlas and that many people consulted local maps in order to get to know the local routes. The detailed map of the world was usually used by state agencies, governments and armies in order to serve their own purposes. However, online world maps have totally redefined the use of maps of the world.

Online maps which are offered by a wide variety of companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Yandex are all far more helpful than a physical map that only defines the physical boundaries of different countries and specifies the important cities in a given country. The maps available online are pretty vast and give detailed information about all the locations in a given city as well. With an online map of the world, it doesn’t matter if you want to find the location of the White House in Washington DC or require the exact position of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you can get it with extreme ease.

Features of an Online World Map

The various versions of maps of the world available online have a number of features which make them better than the simple and normal world maps that are available in the real world. The features of such maps which make them so beneficial are:

  • Offer the overall locations of each country and ocean if zoomed out.
  • Zoom in feature helps you concentrate on any country of your choice and offer you the chance to find the location of each city in the country.
  • Some maps are even more localized and even offer information on the places present in a city and help you find routes from one location to another as well.

All in all, a normal world map offers a simple enough way to identify the location of every country in the world along with presenting information on the whereabouts of important cities in each country. Online world maps, on the other hand, are far better and can not only help users in noting down the locations of all countries but also offer a localized version of the map in order to make people know about specific locations within a city as well.

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