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Yahoo Maps – a Comprehensive Guide

Yahoo Maps is a free map service offered by Yahoo that lets the user to know about the exact location of a place from his starting position. Initially launched in 2002, this map service was totally redesigned and remodeled in 2007 that saw the addition of many new features and services to its design.

Services offered by Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Maps provides a number of services to its users that help them in finding their way around a new neighborhood. The following are some of the well-known services that you are going to be able to utilize when using this map service.

  • Driving Directions

Yahoo Maps are best known for providing simple and easy to understand driving directions to the users. You will not get confused with lots of irrelevant information on this map service. The directions are crisp and clear with large fonts that help you in finding the best possible route to your target destination.


  • Live Traffic Information

For the US and Canada users, Yahoo Maps offers the very useful Live Traffic Information service which helps them in knowing about the situation of the traffic on the roads and highways in real-time. This offers them the chance to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams as they have access to all the live traffic information at their finger tips.


  • Satellite Imagery

Yahoo Maps provides satellite images of the locations you are trying to search. You will get to see detailed and high quality satellite images of any location around the world on this map service. There is a hybrid view option also available which lets you see the destinations in a labeled format.


  • Finding Businesses

You can easily search for a business on this map service using the find a business service offered on the maps. Just type in the name of the business or shop you want to find and the map is going to line up the locations of the searched for business for you. You can then choose to get more information about it by clicking on an individual result entry.

Why People Prefer Using Yahoo Maps

The greatest asset of Yahoo Maps that makes them the preferred choice of people for finding directions is it’s easy to use interface. The lesser complexity of the options present on the main screen of this map service allows people the chance to get the information they are after in a much quicker manner. The accuracy of this map service is also quite dependable which is why people have come to trust this service when it comes to finding out about the location of places they have not travelled to in the past.

Shortcoming of Yahoo Maps

Despite being a popular map service, there are some areas in which the Yahoo Maps are not up to the mark.

  • The business’s profiles that are provided to the users are very thin in details and do not offer much information.
  • The support and help options available on the website of this map service fail to provide adequate help to the users.

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