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Yandex Maps- an Overview

Yandex is a very popular search-engine in Russia and is probably the preferred option of the Russians as compared to Google. Yandex does not even come close to Google in any other country but it does really well in Russia as it has a more Russia specific approach. Yandex is not only a search-engine but the company also offers a lot of products to the consumers too.

Maps are generally offered by all popular search-engines and Yandex is no different. Maps by Yandex don’t have the same worldwide global appeal that Google has. However, the maps are effective for the areas that it caters and remains a preferred choice for people who use Yandex as their primary search-engine

Areas covered by Yandex Maps

As already mentioned, Yandex Maps don’t have the coverage that Google Maps has. It won’t be able to help you out if you live in China, US or Brazil but will be extremely helpful if you live in the following countries.

  • Russia

The Yandex map clearly focuses on Russia primarily. Yandex has coverage of over 210 cities in Russia and thus, whether you live in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, you won’t have any problems as far as directions are concerned.


  • Ukraine

Yandex Maps are obviously more helpful in another area where Yandex performs strongly as a search-engine. It covers around 57 cities in Ukraine and offers in-depth knowledge about all the routes leading from one place to another in these cities.


  • Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey

These maps are not as detailed in these regions for all cities but offer fine enough coverage for the important cities in these three countries as well. Around 30 or so of the cities of Turkey, Kazakhstan and Belarus are served well by Yandex Maps.

Advantages of Using Yandex Maps

There are a lot of benefits of using Yandex maps in the areas where it offers coverage as compared to Google. Here are some of the most obvious benefits.

  • Cyrillic Syntax

Cyrillic syntax is synonymous with the people in Russia and Ukraine and thus, it makes it easier for the people to read the maps offered by Yandex. These maps are intelligent enough to use this syntax to approach its targeted audience as compared to Google which doesn’t do the same.


  • More Accurate Directions

While Google Maps can’t be beaten for their perfect directions in most countries, Russia remains an exception. These maps prove far more helpful for a local than Google and this is because these maps are a lot more precise. They have more details about roads and shortest possible routes and thus, prove far more beneficial for the locals.

  • Subway Information

The Yandex Maps are more intelligent as far as subway routes are concerned and can even help the user in understanding where to take a subway from and where to step out of the subway. Google hardly manages to direct the people to the website of a metro bus.

All in all, Yandex Maps are a great Google alternative and a brilliant choice for Russians and Ukrainians. With Yandex map applications present on Google Play and iTunes, you can easily browse the maps even on the go!

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